• Safes are certified for Class II of burglary-resistance according to Ukrainian national standardization system
  • (DSTU) 4012-1:2005 (CL.III.68.K.E for Class III)
  • Safe doors are equipped with powerful four-sided girth rail locking system
  • 5 active chromized girth rails 28 mm in diameter and 3 fixed girth rails on the hinges side
  • The structure of girth rail system eliminates safe burglary by means of force impact on the handle
  • In order to improve safe reliability against burglary, the attachment points of locks are protected by
  • powerful file-hard plates made of alloy steel
  • The structure provides the possibility to attach the safe to floor with the help of anchor bolts
  • A mini-safe inside (except CL.II.60)
  • Locking system:
  1. Certified safe key lock STUV (Germany) of VDS 1 class
  2. Electronic code lock NL Lock (USA) of VDS 2 class
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