• New modern design
  • Combined coating
  • Metal thickness of case and door – 4 mm.
  • Inner hinges
  • Inside pocket for documents
  • Removable door
  • Reliable girth rail mechanism – 3 chromized girth rails
  • Reliable girth rail mechanism – 2 chromized girth rails in models M.20, M.25, M.30
  • Locking system:
  1. Certified safe key lock STUV (Germany) of VDS 1 class
  2. Electronic code lock NL Lock (USA) of VDS 2 class

The place for safe installation must be difficult to access and hidden from unauthorized people. A safe should be installed in such a way that its door could be opened towards the wall. It is necessary to fix the safe with the help of anchor bolts. It is recommended that it should be attached to a concrete or brick wall. By means of modern design, GRIFFON safes of M series fit any interior.

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