• Metal thickness of the door – 10 mm
  • Special reinforcement for secure fixing in a wall
  • Movable shelf
  • Reliable girth rail mechanism – 4 chromized active girth rails (2 girth rails in models W.2015 and W.2319)
  • Locking system:
  1. Certified safe key lock STUV (Germany) of VDS 1 class
  2. Electronic code lock NL Lock (USA) of VDS 2 class

A necessary requirement imposed on walls of safes belonging to class I is its secure attachment to a wall. For this aim GRIFFON safes of W series are equipped with anchorage that consists of two reinforcement bars 8 mm in diameter for highest possible security of attachment, both in brickwork and in mass concrete.

Distance, diameter and number of reinforcement bars are selected on the basis of required load the construction must resist, during tests of safes for forcing it out of a wall, and secure fixing during the installment process and while in service. An anchor knot of a GRIFFON safe of W series resists load of 50 kN (5000 kg). The wall, in which the safe will be built, must not be an outer one. It is recommended to choose a concrete loadbearing wall. 

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